Magic Woman Journey


Celebrate Spring Equinox
On the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica
March 17 - 20th 2017

Join us for a four day Magic Woman Journey
In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

A magic woman is someone who acknowledges + fulfills her divine feminine abilities of intuition, love, and creative prowress

 Learn the elements + ritual of connecting to the shared heart beat of Mother Earth through the body, the spirit, the mind, and the emotions; embodying the seasons + cycles of life 

Embrace your continuous personal awakening while learning how to empower others

Learn daily tools to uplift your frequency + the steps to wo/manifesting dreams into reality

Daily sessions run from 11am - 3pm
Experiencing + Integrating the Codes of Alchemy into daily ritual + practices for optimal health, happiness, + creativity

Daily sessions are categorized by our four powers +
the four directions of the medicine wheel



Day 1: The Body, the North
The Cycles of the Moon: New, Waxing, Full, Waning
Meditation, Imagination
Creating + Holding Space
Discernment + Protecting space + Auric Fields
The Chakras: The spiritual power centres of the body
Earth Wisdom: Food, Herbs, Aromatherapy, + Nature as Medicine

Day 2: The Spirit, the East
Opening cacao ceremony
Sacred Symbols 
Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Archetypes, Animal Totems, + Tarot
Sound Healing + Casting Spells
Re-tuning your cells + journeying with sound
Singing + Reciting Mantras, Heart + Earth Songs
Offering prayers to the great creator, your vision of the world echoing out into the universe + wo/manifesting into form


Day 3: The Mind, the South
Temple dance meditation
Movement Magic with yoga, dance, + mudras
Creating Sacred Shapes with your body + hands
The Seasons of the Sun
Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice 
The Knowledge of the Stars
Creating your Talis/wo/man + Portable Altar


 Day 4: The Emotions, the West
Spring Equinox Cacao Ceremony Celebration at OM
Dreamtime, lucid dreaming and living, and creative flow states

+ evening bonfire at the beach



Four days of training through study, ritual + ceremony
Two Cacao ceremonies
+ a lot of Magic



Shannon Ross

Sun Moon Nation + creator of the Human Crystal Journey

A lifelong researcher of creative heart alchemy, I have developed a curriculum of tools + ritual as a framework to approach life as a wildly courageous work of art. I believe we have the ability to heal ourselves + cultivate happiness in each moment by establishing a creative practice of connecting to our body, our spirit, our mind, and our emotions. There are magic ways to access these areas of alchemy, uplift your frequency + create the life of your dreams. Join us on this journey. Be a magic woman; access your intuition, be love, + create

Hannah Dyson

Sacred Female Space + founder of Soul Seed Gathering

Through travelling, exploring and meeting the world outside and inside myself, I discovered that magic is the belief system that allows life to flow. Our obstacles, pain, fears are teachers and guides, the practice of ‘radical non-avoidance’ always brings us back to our seed of love. Through the ancient teachings of the world, the wisdom of women, the path of the Medicine Woman we become empowered to be our own teachers, to meet together as magic women


M A G I C  T E A M


Hillary Damato

A super conscious mama of 4 young super souls with degrees in massage and herbal medicine, and a master chef of decadent raw food creations. A cultivator of consciousness, love, life-purpose and innate joy.

Hillary is our Herbal medicine Goddess, body worker and shining light being. She will be sharing her knowledge of food as medicine, and local plant remedies. Hillary is the epitome of the divine feminine and understands that to first change the world we must change ourselves. Hillary enjoys nature from her off-the-grid circular home in a beautiful nature reserve in the jungles of Costa Rica with her husband and four children



Rozanne Lopez

Rozanne has 4 daughters and 1 son. Unsatisfied with the school system and the content of its curriculum, Rozanne began homeschooling seven years ago. She has based her teaching style on the philosophy of education as an art, teaching the whole child - the head, heart, and hands. Rozanne has customized each curriculum of stories and ancient myths, according to the developing consciousness of each unique soul reflecting the diversity of learning styles of humanity.

She will be sharing goddess stories and women's stories - as a framework for inner soul work, and the importance of honouring rites of passages in the life of child + self, integrating community involvement and mentorship. Rozanne lives in Costa Rica with her husband + children




Sessions will be held at The Echo House
Cocooned in the jungle near the ocean

Playa Cocles, Costa Rica







A B O U T  P U E R T O  V I E J O

A small reggae surf town consisting of one long road along the Caribbean Coastline. The coast is a long stretch of white + black sandy beaches with coral reef pools and the legendary "salsa brava" surf break. Jungle life here include monkeys, sloths, toucans, butterfly's, snakes, Jaguars, bright hibiscus flowers, chocolate farms, + coconut and fruit trees. Life consists of everything from early morning yoga, waterfall hiking, snorkelling or surfing, to late night reggae dance parties. There is a vibrant community of nature lovers, artists + healers. The ocean, the jungle, + the earth will both awaken your heart + inspire your most vibrant dreams.



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