Star Reading

Activating Your Star Essence

As a life-long student of inquiry into the human experience, 

and having tapped into many different modalities of the mystical arts,

I now happily offer what I have learned in self study to give insight to others.

Tap into your Unique Blueprint

Activate the Flow of Abundance, Love, and Creativity

Live your version of Heaven on Earth


Consulting the Cosmic Council

The reading will include an Alchemical combination of your:

Tropical Astrology Birth Chart

Human Design

Card of Truth


+ a Tarot card for a celestial message

Offerings to bring into Meditation for further Exploration:

A Unique Mantra

A Symbol to help you clear the path before you

A type of Crystal that matches your Higher Self Vibration


It can be a holistic reading, or focus on a magical area of inquiry.

Sessions will highlight findings in a 20 minute virtual session.
A write-up of insights and a recording of the session
will be sent to your email following the meeting for further attunement.

If you would only like the written copy of the findings,
let me know in the note provided.
I will send the insights to your email at the time of the session selected.


Embody the Infinite Being you were Born to Be


Sunlit Sessions