sunlit creations
each made unique
in heartful + playful ways


connection to spirituality, improves meditation + intuition

balances wisdom of the mind + the heart, promotes abundance
connects one to the spirits of nature

named after the amazon river
balances feminine + masculine energies
promotes kindness + practicality
pale blue varieties are known as "hope stones" for luck


love, youth, hope, health + courage

eye agate crystal

worn as jewellery since the babylonian times, worn for protection,

attracting strength, + helping in decision making: invoking stability at

important junctions in life | different colors are worn for different chakras


purifies + balances health + energy, attracts good people into life

grounding, connecting with the earth, root + earth star chakra
herkimer diamonds
high vibration crystal known as the “stone of attunement”
puts one at ease and guides one in the most aligned path


a calming stone , said to be helpful when working on artistic projects

the stone helps with breathing, relieves anger + stress, and awakens

perspective beyond the daily routine “oh ya we’re stardust”


good fortune, to purify the mind + body, for new life, and opening

the heart to all forms of love


dreams + memories, holds goddess wisdom of a nurturing quality
strengthening fertility + love
strongly linked to the moon cycle promoting intuition
and flow with life's' constant change + evolution

obsidian (lava)

divination, peace, self control + resilience


grounding, centered self mastery, focus

soothes erratic emotion + enhances personal courage

peacock ore
channels happiness, joy + positive energy


reaching ones full potential, powers of creation

pumice (lava)

lightness, trust in self + the universe

quartz crystals

originally found in the frozen mountains of the alps, the ancients

believed quartz crystals were ice crystals that would never melt...
vibrating at a similar frequency to the human body,
the stone is believed 
to bring clarity + purity to
 matters of the mind + heart
quartz crystals are also believed to increase
 one’s intuition
and amplify prayers + intentions


good luck in travel + adventure, promotes well-being, and increases compassion 
+ love
it has been called "sky stone" or "stone of heaven" by Native Americans believing the
vibrations of turquoise can build a spiritual bridge between worlds

other offerings

abalone, coconut, rosewood, sandalwood, shell, sea glass, potting clay,
found objects + antiques, brass, bronze, sterling silver, gold, and rose gold

gemstones are sourced from India, Arizona + Mexico from two local family owned shops

other organic materials were found adventuring in forests and on beaches


mantra, intention
balance between forces
light + dark
matter + spirit
male + female
sun + moon
the sun is 108 times its width from the earth
the moon is 108 times its width from the earth
the abundance number, the golden ratio
use the force for love


reminds one of compassion
all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy


worn since ancient times to inspire fierce courage

unity, wholeness, medicine wheel, wheel of life
diamond shape
balance between male / form / linear + female / spirit / mystery

eye of horus | all-seeing-eye

connecting with the falcon god and Isis for protection, electric intuition, + good health


worn to symbolize or evoke communication with spirit + celestial wisdom

to encourage a higher perspective, a lightness of spirit
three feathers represent the three archetypes of wisdom
womanhood: maiden, mother, + crone
manhood: son, father + grandfather

flower of life
"the geometrical design leading us into and out of physical existence"


worn as a symbol of life + knowledge

three keys unlock doors to love, abundance + good health

mer is light
ka is spirit
ba is body
this star is known as a chariot
connecting us to higher realms

female / formless / emotions
28 day cycle
new, waxing, full, waning

represents a pine cone design,
the golden ration, the fibonacci sequence
also referring to the pineal gland or third eye
fertility, sovereignty, nobility
organic intelligence

male / structure / expression
360 day cycle

triangle pointing up male / form / linear
triangle pointing down female / spirit / mystery
Sunlit Sessions