Ecstatic Dance + Vinyasa Yoga at Om at Cashew Hill, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, April 15 2017

Magic Woman Journey: Spring Equinox Workshop: Accessing Creativity through Yoga, Meditation, + Play Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, March 17-20 2017

Human Crystal Journey Facilitator at the Moon Temple Envision Festival Feb 23-26 2017 Costa Rica

Yoga Class, Flower Crown Workshop + Temple Dance facilitator at Soul Seed Gathering Ch1 January 2017, at the Yoga Forest, San Marcos, Guatemala

Rise in Radiance Workshop Facilitator Envision Festival 2016, Costa Rica

Hostess of Full Moon Circle, Karma Teachers, 2015 Vancouver BC

Community Yoga Teacher at Sitka Surfboards, 2015 Vancouver BC

Sunlit Sessions