Natures Wisdom


My intrigue with crystals began while living on an island in Tofino, a surf town on Vancouver Island, Canada. An old boyfriend had given me a clear quartz Crystal in the Black Rock desert the summer before.

One night alone on the 50 acre island, while my island partner was in Vancouver for work, I found the crystal among my craft supplies. I brought it with me to the bedroom for a meditation, built a little fire in the fireplace, lit some candles at my altar, burned some incense + opened the doors onto the pond for some nature nighttime sounds.

All I had been doing that week was yoga, surfing, hiking, hula hooping, canoeing, + building and planting multiple herb + vegetable gardens on the property, one in the shape of a crescent moon. Needless to say I was very in-tune with myself + the earth.

I find, in silence, paired with nature, questions, big philosophical questions, begin to rise.

So, while in deep meditation that night, it dawned on me to ask these questions, to the crystal...

What I found... was that it had answers.



That same week Ravens woke me in the middle of the night, three of them were having a conversation, all huddled in my waxing crescent moon magic herb garden, blessing the seeds I had planted.

I felt they were telling me, when you tend the earth, when you honor the sacredness of a place + add your own essence in gratitude, nature is watching + will grant you synchronicity in return.

Within days, while in meditation sitting by the pond with my eyes lightly closed, I suddenly had the urge to peek out at the world. I opened my eyes to a snake with half its body stretched up looking directly at me.

I wasn't scared. I actually giggled and thanked him for taking notice of me putting time aside to show up for myself + foster connection with the nature surrounding me. Snakes represent healing, the south, the mind, transformation, shedding/releasing the old, that which no longer serves you. I could feel a transformation of my perspective, of my framework of existence brewing.

That same week alone on the island, a bird, a grouse, an incredible being from a fairytale imagination dreamworld landed outside my bedroom window. I was amazed at what I was seeing. My scientist academic brain wanted to know what it was. I went for my camera to later be able to look up its type. By the time I was back, it was gone, to remind me that categorizing experience and putting words to matter is not the point.

It is the experience, the feeling that it generates, the magic messages behind the symbols + signs of our everyday life.

You are the only one who can decode your world, and find the path of magic, and know which way, or who or what to converse with next. 

Seeing + feeling the signs + symbols, and knowing the next step is called intuition. This deep connection with life + your path can be nurtured + grown.



 On my way to the island I had made a long magic necklace as a talis(wo)man for the journey I was about to embark on. It had one large silver feather, and two other feathers, one medium, the other small, hanging on the sides.

Symbolically, I was calling in a direct connection with mama earth + the magic I intuitively knew was possible.

My purpose on the island was to build + plant edible gardens. While working with the earth, I made a point to be barefoot, and use my bare hands so the earth knew me + I knew it. Every seed I planted, (+ I planted a lot), I placed in my mouth waking it from its slumber with my saliva + then placing it in the earth to start its journey to come into full expression. 



 This magic solo time on an island with nature was the summer of 2010. Since then I have been dedicated to talking with trees, plants, crystals, singing to the wind, rivers, oceans + sitting in sacred wild spaces.

The more that I am quiet + receptive, the more that is revealed to me.

The more that I tend the earth, and the beautiful souls that surround me with magical offerings of love + care, the more radiant + abundant my life becomes.

Thank you for tending + sharing your magic 

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