We will be going on a journey using the seven
chakras as a treasure map of bringing ideas into form

The Chakras: The spiritual centres of the body
Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, + Crown

We will then integrate the levels of awareness
+ embody the Dream Dancer or Magic Wo/Man

Learning to clear (heal) + charge (create) your own reality

Living from love, intuition + creativity in each moment

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Our bodies contain seven primary spiritual

energy centres called chakras.

Scientifically speaking chakras are nerve clusters

at different points of the body.

Each chakra relates to a level of consciousness.

Each one has important experiences to offer us.

Each focuses our attention in a particular way.

The chakra centres of consciousness provide us with desires

+ motivations for certain kinds of experiences that will promote

some aspect of our spiritual unfolding.


Area of the body:

Base of spine (Sexual Organs)


Our Foundation from which we live.

Basics to start life or any process within life.

Beginning a relationship with a person,

place or thing, and life/creation itself.

The three sub categories of the Root Chakra:

0 Imagination
The willingness of the fool to step out into the unknown, into the mystery

1 Resources
Knowing that whatever you need is available, you need only to recognize it and utilize it

2 Intuition
The path to further knowledge begins with your own self. All you need to do is trust + act intuitively


0 Imagination

Be playful with your reality

Create pathways into your imagination.

Set the stage, create the space for inspiration

+ ideas to reveal themselves to you.

Activity # 1

Create an area in your home or garden that holds sacred creative space for you. If you teavel, this can be a portable altar. This may involve objects from loved ones and nature, incense, candles, and crystals. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, make sure it reflects your higher self! Preferably the space allows for you to sit on the floor using props + cushions. This will likely not be comfortable at first, if you are used to sitting in chairs, but will set the stage for the betterment of your flexibility + health of body + spirit.

Sit in this space. Feel both its grounding + expansive energy. Let it be a place you can come for rest + rejuvenation while on this Human Crystal Journey and beyond.

Activity # 2

What is your intention for this course? What idea, vision, goal are you wishing to bring into form? Or is it just an openness to explore possibility?

Set a timer for 8 minutes and journal your stream of consciousness, thoughts onto the page, no filter, no editing, just a steady outflow of words + ideas.

Pulling from your writings, write your intention for the course down in one sentence on a separate piece of paper made visable on your altar for your future self.


All the power that ever was or ever will be exists in the here and now. I am therefore ready + willing to risk the loss of what I have been + move on to what I can become. I am the power to begin.

I am the first step in Wo/Manifestation.

I am the idea that inspires life.

I am inexperienced, yet within me lies the plan for my perfect unfolding.

To me there is no time like the present in which to begin my journey.

I carry my memories, my talents, my hopes, my dreams, my fears, + concerns in a bowl of my self, just as I carry these within my body.

I carry the seed of self into every adventure.

Any fears are hints of areas of preparation to move through if they present themselves.

The light of the sun illuminates my way!


Everything in the world other than nature was produced through imagination.


It is powerful.

It is the source of all ideas.

You can tap into it at any time.

Imagination precedes all wo/manifestation.

We all have the natural gift of imagination. It can be developed + it can be suppressed.

We take the elements of the natural world + form them into new, real things.

The soul, + the spirit thinks in images + lives in images, it nourishes itself on images.

The images you hold in your minds eye tend to materialize in your life.

You can image-in a reality.

Without your conscious knowledge you are making up the entire world you currently live in.

Others are helping you create it, perhaps even taking more power in its creation than you are. You allow this.
You can be ruled by the imagination of others or you can accept responsibility for imagining a better world + thereby beginning its possibility for creation.

Use your imagination fully to reach the higher realms, the very best you can dream.

When you are willing to use this power / ability, the Great Spirit of all life will begin to offer you things beyond your imaginings.

Activity # 3

Set the mood in your sacred space.
Place your left hand on your heart. Tune into your heart beat. Place your right hand on the ground or earth. Imagine you can tune into the heart beat of Mother Earth. Release any feelings + thoughts you no longer need into the earth, clearing your field with golden light.

I invite you to imagine the future of your
wildest, most technicolor dreams

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Where are you? What are you doing?
Who are you with? How do you feel?

Set a timer for 8 minutes and journal your stream of consciousness, thoughts onto the page, no filter, no editing, just a steady outflow of words, visions, + dreams. Let your imagination get technicolor as you let your spirit soar from dream to dream, from vision to vision.... No holding back.

Take one thing from the writing meditation that feels fun, playful + sparkly and write it down on a bright peice of paper, or in a bright coloured pen, and place it on your altar for your future self.

How does what you have written relate to the original intention you made for the course?

Develop a practice for closing/sealing the sacred space before you leave. This can be anything from letting out a heart felt "om", to just saying thank you, to bringing your hands together up over head making a diamond shape with your hands and then moving them down to your heart center and letting a smile dance accross your face.

Ponder dedicating 8 minutes a day in this sacred space. Just showing up for spirit + your higher self.

Up next: 1 Resources + 2 Intuition

Sunlit Sessions