The East

The East



The east reminds you that an energy flows through your physical body:

Breath, life force, sexuality, + creativity

Life flows through us:

Imagination, inspiration, + artistic expression of self + spirit

Life stimulates desire + passion

We experience the spirit of life through sharing beauty, creation + fulfillment with others

We express spirit through play

See yourself as an instrument of divine grace + strength, adding quality to this world, through a song, a work of art, a child, a book, a story, a smile, or a kind gesture.

Look at how spirit flows through the different areas of your life.

We are constantly materializing the spiritual, so having clear intentions with the help of ritual + ceremony we can co-create with the universe more harmoniously.

Breath in life, breath out creation.


Your body, as you learn to purify it and use it in a conscious way, will become a better + better conductor of this life force.

What are your current tools for channeling inspired energy through your body into creation?

Practice one of these tools today, and see how you feel + what creative ideas or actions emerge.

What are some new practices you could integrate into your journey of living a creative life?

Yoga, tai chi, meditation, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, running, walking, swimming, writing, gardening... Write down a few new ways to let spirit flow through you and practice at least one of these new ways this week.

Treat your body, and your life, like a magic wand, a tool for your own transformation + that of the world.

The cycle of Wo/manifestation with Spirit

Inspiration + excitement
Look to the east, to the rising sun, seeking direction
It is springtime in your heart, and you listen for the call + ready yourself to guide the magic wand of creation
Ready to give form to a life of divine possibility

Recognize the call
Fly above your life, catching a glimpse of creative, sexual, + spiritual possibilities for your world
You are being drawn towards personal evolution

Dream, envision, wander
Collect pieces of the dream
Follow what calls you on the deepest level, that awakens infinite enthusiasm
Let the universe lead

Discipline, attraction, + preparation
Meeting + working with another to build dreams into reality
Discipline the mind by continuously weeding out doubt in the infinite support, guidance + love of the universe
Continue to bring your awareness to what is truly important, releasing negative attitudes + fears

Clear the way for ever deepening love relationships
Remember that every attraction you feel is for creative purposes.

Establish a Daily Ritual of purification for doubts + fears

Allure through opposition
Share your dream
Give yourself to your people
Your ideas will be out there, and may be up for criticism
Your life could be altered by the will of others
Have courage
Expose your divine nature to those who have eyes to see
Commit to the essence of your vision
Lure the universe to accommodate you
Blow your life force into your everyday interaction + creations
Call on your energy to strengthen you
Bring in your higher self in all that you do

The gifts and love you were brave enough to share have been received
Take time to relax + enjoy
Your confidence + abilities have been strengthened

Doubt overcome by action
Success comes and goes
Continue on your path of evolution, as you expand your vision of the good of all
Focus on your devotion of your own form of sexual/creative/spiritual expression
Set your spirit free

Your art is your shield of strength
Be filled with light, with inspiration
Make your life a courageous work of art
Give light to the global community through the way you live your life
Instead of pointing out problems, offer ways of resolution
Heal through your thoughts, words, + actions

Focused mastery
Go for your larger goal
It is time to act
Use extra energy to move towards wholeness, to a place of higher fantasy
You can live your dream when you bravely take your next step

Coming home
You are honoured for your sharing with the world, and once again, you are free to choose
You are both fulfilled + at a point of new beginning
You have reached a plateau, and will soon step to a new level

Channeling the light
Take time with yourself to renew your vision
Then when your inner direction is clear, continue on your journey
Open to the flow of universal light
Inspire others by your manner of being

What is the message you came to deliver to the world
Begin to express this on every thought, word, + interaction
Let your every moment be filled with grace

An artist of life
With high perspective vision, the entire picture is revealed
Fly in tranquility + inner peace while you patiently act impeccably

Wise one energizing others
At your peak of excellence, you offer wisdom to others who ask for guidance
You encourage their talents + abilities, giving opportunities to the potential within them
Your art is your heart
Casting a magic spell of hope on the world
Use your abilities to honour Mother Nature, to acknowledge source, to celebrate life, to help others heal, to love unconditionally
Devote yourself to serving the spirit within all that lives

Take the wild energy of youth to create mature forms of expression
The more you truly express the energy within you, the more youthful vitality you take into physical maturity
Find the right channel for ongoing, expanding expression

The sage is a self well expressed
You have brought all the beauty within you on the path of your purpose
Leading with love + kindness, your art now guides the world towards life as ceremony, in partnership with the earth
You will now be a guide for others

Sunlit Sessions