The North

The North

The Body + The Earth


We are physical beings of this earth

We are of earths body, and will return to the earth

Everything is a combination of Earths elements: wood, metal, air, water, fire

Simple actions of care + intention of tending + honouring the earth + our bodies, create strong medicine

When we are always in this place of awareness + care, we are better able to maintain a healthy in + out flow of life force energy

There is Consciousness in all earth forms, aquiring wisdom from experiences

Generation after generation is buried in the earth, becoming the earth

Aliveness + growth in different forms under different laws resides in everything

Life forms can include: the plants, animals, human beings, nature spirits (devas, fairies, elves, gnomes, little people), and crystals + gems

Crystals + gems, are understood by some, to be the crystallization of the purest consciousness offered to us by our ancestors

A clear consciousness of total love

You can tap this consciousness from the stone, the sacred light captured within

Each gem + stone is an individual entity with a lesson of its own to teach

A jewel in the conscious living body of Mother Earth

Her treasures, like our own, take some digging + polishing to uncover

It is the same with extracting oils, woods, metals, gold + silver

There is an aliveness of all things. With intentional change in a materials form, inspired vision is added in the process. The spirit of an earth alchemist is put into each new creation

This is what an Artist does. What a craftsperson does. When guided by the pure joy of divine creation + the honouring of the earth, intentional alchemy occurs

Every process, every action, is this art

In this same light, anything that you "own", be intentional with it. Value it, care for it, use it fully for its purpose
Thank the elements from which it is made. And then, pass it on to someone else or back to the earth

Any object can empower when you treat it as an entity with whom you have an ongoing energetic relationship with

Foods are gifts from the earth too

You feel healthy when you garden, cook, and eat simply with love

There is no taking without giving

Which is why it is important to honour the cycle of life, and recognize death, decay, disintegration, and transformation as part of the process

An end is also a beginning, of a new form: age becoming youth, death becoming life, disease becoming health, goods becoming earth. Earth becoming us

There is no true hoarding of anything. You can only "have" as long as you care for it. Leave anything alone without your consciousness maintaining it and it will soon be gone, changed into something else

To have, you must hold gently + kindly with loving respect. Then they will live for you and give life to you as well


For the next few days try interacting with the people, the earth, the animals, and the things of your daily life with a heightened awareness of their processes of evolution that brought them to this form, their ultimate impermanence in this form + the care + attention you offer each. This will be an intense process. Take good care of your precious little life, + all the little lives that are involved in it, and it will shine with a new quality of light.


Look at the different co-creations with the earth you are currently wo/manifesting. Where are you in the cycle of creation? What small perspective change or action could you make today?

The Cycle of Wo/manifesting with the Earth

Seed of abundance: Crystallize the idea of prosperity

Reflect on potential use of resources

Gather together that which is needed

Establish basic self-sufficiency

Give away the first fruits of your talents

Restore balance to your accounts

Reap a bountiful harvest

Develop your craft by continued practice

Reinvest your energy in the future

Accept recognition

Expand your knowledge of your source + skill

Be a keeper of Earth; recycle, reuse, reduce resources

Harvest Lodge
Provide plenty

The earth is eternally fertile


When you are wanting to feel the connection to the earth + the abundance of her love + resources, take a retreat to your inner garden. In a sacred space, open ceremonies to fully arrive in the moment. Close your eyes and release deep into your vibrant, sweet smelling imaginary inner garden. Slow down + elongate your breath. Expand your heart space, smile and feel the feelings of eternal support, innate love, + infinite abundance. Takes these feelings with you throughout your day.


Sunlit Sessions