The South

The South

The Noon-day Sun
The Mind

Words, thoughts + attitudes create our reality of conflict or peace

Take command of the words that make up your belief system

Words are symbols that can get you in + out of chaos or bliss states

Take charge of your mind
Direct its energy at the highest outcome

Your words are prayers to your inner creator, and the universe

Your words encourage + inspire action, from yourself, others, and the world around you

Master your mind, helping you get what you need in life, and give what life needs from you

Your struggles + your body will tell you when your thoughts are off

You can always re-aim or realign your mind towards the cosmic one mind, using your talents in service of the well being of the world

Aim high, and your life will magnetically be drawn there through the inspired actions that follow

Opportunities will come as you think + speak in inspired ways about your aims + goals

Pursue them with a heart centred playful knowing that all is coming to you as you joyfully prepare

The words that you caste around you during taking action dictate the kind of experience you have

Appreciation + full participation while acting on your aims + goals are. of high importance

When the experience is completed, one must hold an attitude of self-acceptance about the action + begin again to plan + affirm the next step or action

Mental discipline is acting with integrity + clear direction



What is the vision your current goals are aiming for? What ritual can you practice on a daily basis to rid your mind of doubt + clear your energy field: Meditation, yoga, walking, dancing? Or all of the above?

And what inspiring + uplifting words, commands, + actions could help your goals in the process?

Practice picking one command to bring you out of any negative thought process for the day. Watch how you can re-program your energy field with words alone, learning to re-frame your experience.

Now refine your command and adopt it for the week. Let the command evolve as you do.

Your consciousness is penetrated by thought. You have the gift of intelligence, the ability to shape words into a combination that will release energy in you to go forth.


Once you have refined your thoughts + words for yourself, with the wisdom gained through this process of refinement, you will be inspired to offer words of support to others on their unique journeys; supporting a world in its highest expression of becoming

Take charge of your life + how you want to feel

Pura Vida!


Cycle of wo/manifestation with the focus of the mind

Will to do

You can see the distant target + feel certain of your aim
Take charge of your consciousness, your life, your present, your future

Think + speak of the divinity of all
Remembering, words can heal or steal

What meaning are you giving your life as you define your experience
How are you valuing what you do?

Become the master life crafts wo/man with your words

Aim High

Keep the vision of your highest goal in your minds eye:
Your source of motivation, enthusiasm

Set your heart on a course of love

You are the author of your own intellectual life

Everything you hear, see, or experience, you accept or reject
YOU give it its value

Your higher self is activating you towards providing well for yourself + others

Listen to your heart

Pause, listen, follow your heart
Listen to the star-bright song of a timeless way
Remembering your thoughts travel through your heart

Contemplate your blessings

Let wisdom come while you rest
Do things only for the enjoyment of doing them, rather than trying to achieve something

Noticing needs

See how your innate talents + calling fills a need in your community

End of Struggle

Reflect on what has been accomplished
You have met a challenge
Readjust your aim to encompass even greater wisdom
Let go of the past
You have had a humbling experience when you thought you were on top of the world
Leave the sorrow behind + move forward in peace knowing a greater understanding is ahead
You are entering an expansive period
With the help of others you are going to know life from a greater perspective
Look ahead
Leave broken dreams behind, these pieces will turn into new dreams

Listen to the truths of the sages

Let the wise ones speak to your heart, to your soul
Ancient ways are being revealed to you as great value to your life right now
See what beliefs enhance your life + its greater purpose

Commit to a way

Each belief system fences you in + at the same time frees you
Example: being vegan restricts your diet but frees you with increased energy + heightened consciousness <!>
Whatever your commitment is (ie marriage, or divorce) it will free your spirit to reach previously unattainable goals

Overcome doubt + fear

Steadfast mind

Stay focused

Birth brave new thought + creations from your heart space

Let your truth + love speak through your creations, your wo/manifestations

Teaching lodge

Live in harmony with your heart
Put yourself in the company of great minds
Books, music, art + poetry cast positive uplifting spells of words + visions of hope, love, + peace

Master Storyteller

Back up your beliefs with stories of experience
Share the love + wisdom

Sunlit Sessions