The West

The West

The Emotions


The mystery of life, of emptiness + fulfillment, loneliness + all-one-ness

We are containers of love

A journey of devotion

You have been given time + time is the pathway in which you lay your life day by day

With each lesson life gives you, meet it with the highest vibration of love

How you spend your time is how you love. What you spend your time on is that which you are devoted to. This is your "religion"

Your "religion" is your spiritual expression

Life is your love, your expression, your devotion


Begin to see your life as a sacred ceremony

How do you fill your basket of love?

And who do you offer its contents

How can you integrate more intentional ceremony in your everyday life?

How can you channel your emotions into expression?

Practice these new ideas

Watch how ritualizing ceremony + expression can help you honour each emotion and life event as it comes and move with the flow of life, lessening the need for attachment, blame, or playing a victim in any life circumstance


Cycle of wo/manifesting with the west, the emotions


Offering of love
Divine perfection is within us
When we offer love to others, our spiritual gifts move through us
As we give, the inner waters flow and guide us to harmony
The nectar of infinite love is already within our hearts
Sit in your inner garden + drink deeply the nectar of infinite love that pours from your heart
Meditate on kindness, attention, acceptance, emotional comfort + sustenance
(All forms of love with no strings attached)
Give freely without expectation
In order to do this you must find the source of constant replenishment within
Embody the giver of love within, + the outer world will supply all you need


I am open to receiving, I am ready to give
True friendships appear in my earthly life when the aspects of giving + receiving become friends within myself
Balance is the exercise. You have needs + wishes, and so does the other
You both have different strengths to be drawn upon
Each must be supported in their role of expertise, respected + thus enhanced


Spiritual Kinship
Whenever others are gathered around me I will celebrate our lives
Only through sharing the blessings of life with grace do we create abundance
Love to to be shared with your spiritual family, what flows from you, will in the great circle of life eventually flow to you as well


Materializations of love
I create my gift in a material way, expressing those intangible feelings that draw me to my people
Love thyself, then give freely from this love


Letting go
The love you give may or may not be accepted
Not everyone will understand or be open to you
Can you let go without blame?
All the love that flows from you is to the great creator
No love is lost
Continue with your flow of kindness, generosity + care, maybe direct it in a new direction
Your rewards can be constantly happening within you as you let your highest qualities come through
Results are nice, but do not wait on them
Keep going, you will find your hidden strength
Your being seeks better + better situations for you


Appreciate days gone by
The lessons of each love live on
Be grateful
These beautiful heartfelt experiences have been your teachers
Honour them as medicine for your journey
A kind goodbye to what was cleanses the cup to be filled with fresh love once again


Swept away
Swept away in an ocean of sensation, visions totally inspire you. This is a peak experience. You may have to increase your tolerance for bliss
Let yourself be happy
The wave may subside, but it will rise again
The illusion is that all future problems are solved by the wave of love
No, this wave has come because you were complete with your past
You fully let go + went ahead
When you are current, the current is strong
Ride the wave. Enjoy it. Live full of grace + be in the present moment
Give yourself permission to be fully yourself
Be whole
Be courageous enough to be fully who you are in each moment


The journey of love

With the foundation of love built with another, you now accept the the caring role for others

Fulfillment at this level comes as you give love, healing, + service those in need


Spiritual Family

Now, strong in your belief that there is always plenty, your love spreads to your tribe, family, + builds a meaningful life


Your Heart is Home

You have found your place, your people, + you celebrate your good fortune + strong connection to the Earth + Spirit in all things

Put your energy into all you love: your place, people, + sources of nourishment

Summon your full participation in life now, give it your all

Everything you need for spiritual growth is here now

Share the gifts of this life


A Devotion of Joy + Healing

You now see in all experiences the gifts that Great Spirit offers you

You now step into your messenger of hope for the people around you

All of your time + energy is not devoted to love

There is a lot of magic in your life now, use it for the greater good


Offer tools to others to help them lift themselves up

Offer them ideas that free the mind, body + heart of pain

Be an example of harmony + balance, of high consciousness of all that is

Have patient + persistent love

Learn to live as if life were a stream constantly nourishing

Be content in the here + now


The fruits of devotion

Embrace self + others by offering nourishment

Be in peace



Your home becomes your temple, serving others from a place of wholeness


Ever-deepening love

You have shared all of your life's poetry + hearts expression on your journey of understanding

Your love has matured + you have many teachings to pass on

How can you use your talents as a vehicle to pass on the wisdom you have gained

Integrate your love experiences

Express gratitude for all your blessings

Bless others with your presence

Your soul is filled with youthful exuberance for life's beauty

Your service to others is as natural as breathing

The light within you radiates fully

You walk a sacred path filled with grace, a path of loving life that liberates one from life's problems

By taking the loving action, you come through challenges with beauty

Pass on the treasures gained, for all love given, love returns

The wheel of life speaks the law of love

Sunlit Sessions